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Nothing is more stressful than having to move all your belongings when you have to climb numerous flights of stairs. I know this because I'm familiar with such an experience myself. And I'm happy to say that I pulled through, so there's hope for everyone.

The lack of elevators in every apartment building is beyond me, but if you move into a building with only stairs, here are some tips to help reduce the frustration of your move.

1. Ask For Help

If you can pull off moving all the contents of one apartment by yourself with no elevator, I salute you. I certainly couldn't do it. Make your move much easier by asking for help. Ask one friend to help you carry the heavy stuff, while another helps guide you up the stairs.

Your friends might not be excited about helping you move, but they're your friends, and that's what friends are for. Feel free to entice them with pleasant rewards like pizza and beer.

If your friends are not available when you're moving, consider hiring movers. After all, they certainly are familiar with what you're doing and will help you get the job done quickly.

2. Find a Hand Cart

When it comes to relocating to your new place, a hand cart will be your best friend. You can use it to carry heavy items like furniture up the stairs. Just don't forget to tie down the furniture with bungee cords, so it doesn't shift. Ask someone to help you carry the cart up the stairs.

3. Wear Appropriate Clothes

Moving isn't a time to make a fashion statement, so choose clothes that are comfortable (you'll be glad you did). Go for shoes that have good tread, to make going up and down stairs with heavy objects easier. Also, you don't want to wear a tight pair of skinny jeans.

4. Bring Gloves

No matter whether it's 90 degrees outside, bring gloves. Moving wooden chairs, tables, and other objects up to your new apartment can leave your hands with splinters and slivers.

5. Wrap Your Furniture

When carrying sharp chairs, tables, dressers and other objects up the stairs, you will definitely hit a wall or two. To keep your furniture and the walls of the building safe from destruction, wrap the pieces in bubble wrap or blankets.

6. Think Before You Relocate

It requires a bit of strategic thinking for carrying heavy items up a skinny staircase and through a doorway. If you're carrying a sofa that bends to the left, for instance, you want the open part of it to face the angle of the stairs. If necessary, you may have to remove any railings.

7. Move the Bulky Stuff First

You may dread carrying your metal bed frame up those five flights of stairs, but it's best to move that first. You're going to be exhausted by the end of your move, which will make carrying the heavy stuff even harder than it has to be. After you've gotten it up to your apartment, you'll be so glad you got it over with.

Side Note: Ensure that all of the large pieces that you plan to move fit into your new apartment. I learned this lesson after my two friends carried my sofa up seven flights of stairs that I realized it was too big to even fit through the door.

8. Know Where to Place the Strongest Helpers

The person at the lower end of the furniture while carrying it up the stairs will have the hardest job, so ensure that this person is powerful enough. So if your grandma is helping you move, consider giving her a lamp instead of the couch.

9. Disassemble Everything That You Can

If your dresser or couch can be separated into different pieces, do that. Disassembling will make it so much easier to move them up the stairs. Once everything is in your apartment, then you can go to work on putting the pieces back together.

10. Reward Yourself

You just moved the contents of your new apartment without an elevator. I think that deserves a little celebration!

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