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You've got very helpful information on how to prepare clothes, electronic devices, appliances, furniture for storage. Today we will face up tricks on how to prepare mattresses for storage when moving in Toronto!

Step 1. Examine your mattress carefully for any signs of infestations and ensure it's clean and completely dry (consider placing it in a spot directly under the sun for a couple of hours, just in case, before packing it for storage).

Step 2. Store the mattress in a specialized mattress bag that fits it perfectly (Durable mattress bags provide maximum protection against dust, moisture and pests). Fasten the plastic protector's ends using some quality packing tape.

It is advisable to use vacuum bags to save some room when storing duvets, linens, comforters, and other beddings.

How to Prepare Books for Storage

Step 1. Ensure any books you want to store are completely dry. Consider spreading them on a table in a room with plenty of sunlight for a couple of days before packing them. Also, you can run a dehumidifier in the room. (If you discover mold on any of your books, take them to a conservator for properly cleaning and restoration).

Step 2. Wrap leather books in some paper to ensure they don't stick to each other.

Step 3. Arrange the books in small, sturdy boxes (books are quite heavy, so larger boxes will be hard to lift and stack and may even break under their own weight). Place smaller books upright, but it is recommendable to pack books flat (especially larger ones) to prevent damage to the spines.

How to Prepare Fragile Items for Storage

Wrap all delicate items separately with bubble wrap or packing paper for added safety. Place adequate padding at the bottoms of the packing boxes and use lots of bubble wrap, crumpled paper, soft fabric items (towels, clothes, etc.) or other suitable materials to provide extra padding between the items. Label the boxes as "Fragile" or "Handle with care". Ensure you:

  • Put plates, bowls, and saucers on their sides to prevent them from breaking;
  • Place cups and glasses with their rims facing down;
  • Put smaller dishes in larger ones only if they are both wrapped properly;
  • Use specialized dish packs to store delicate and expensive dishes and glassware;
  • Use specialized mirror boxes to store paintings, mirrors and framed pictures;
  • Create an "X" on glass surfaces using masking tape to add strength and prevent shattering. You can place flat cardboard pieces on both sides of the glass for maximum protection as well;
  • Store statuettes, figurines, and other pieces of art or fragile collectibles in wooden crates (if you decide to substitute with cardboard boxes, at least make sure they are small and of high quality).

You've got various helpful tips on how to prepare items for storage. Now everything should run smoothly. When you are ready to rent storage compartment or you need advice on what size of the storage room you should rent, simply contact Miracle Movers Toronto, and we will answer any questions you might have! 


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