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Local moving

Please note that all residential and local moving fees are calculated using hourly rates, which are based on several factors, including customer preparedness, distance between origin and destination, and the number of movers involved.


A professional moving crew composed of at least two movers, a 16 – 26-foot van (click here to see pictures) pre-loaded with furniture blankets, dollies and other tools to help complete your move safely and swiftly.


Charges begin when the movers arrive at your pickup location, and continue as they load the truck, drive to your new location, and unload the truck at your new home. They also include any subsequent trips, if necessary. Charges end once the truck is empty and any requested setup assistance is complete, and are rounded up to the nearest half-hour. We charge for, at minimum, two hours of labour.


Travel Time: In addition to the hourly rate, we charge a flat fee for travel time, which is based on the average driving time from our office to your location and covers the distance travelled between our office and your home, and between your destination and our office again once the move is completed.

Packing: As full-service movers, we are happy to complete or assist with all of your packing needs; however, be aware that packing materials will be provided at additional cost, and that packing time will be included in your hourly fees. If you would like our movers to assist you with packing, please let our staff know in advance, so that we can provide you with a more accurate service fee estimate.

Equipment: Services that require moving equipment such as furniture blankets to avoid scratching and furniture assembly tools are provided at no additional cost and included in our hourly fee. If specialty tools are required, please let us know in advance, though please also note that we cannot guarantee assembly of new, boxed items such as baby cribs because of liability issues. (Please visit our claims policy page for more information.)


For a more cost-efficient move, be completely packed and prepared before the movers’ arrival;

Make sure you know the layout of your destination;

If moving to an apartment, make sure you know any building restrictions in advance, have arranged access to any needed walkways or elevators, and ensured that during your move it can accommodate a large truck.


At Miracle Movers, we recognize that everyone has different storage needs, and are happy to provide customized services that can accommodate any storage load, whether it is an easy chair or entire living and dining room furniture set.

Call us now, or click here to learn more about our storage services.

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