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When you want Best Movers Toronto to help you with your relocation, proper planning and scheduling is essential. But if it unexpectedly rains, it will surely complicate your move. If you can keep up with the news so that you can be up to date with the weather report in your area, you'll be able to prepare in case it rains on the day of your big move.

Check out the following few tips on how to reduce worry during a rainy day move:

Make your safety your priority

During a rainy day, ensure you check how strong the downpour is and how long it is predicted to last. In case of a storm, rescheduling the date with your Toronto Movers is your best option, in order to avoid endangering yourself. But if the weather will not interfere with the move, you can go ahead and move the house. Just remember, at all times, to keep yourself warm and dry. It will help if you do the following:

  • Wear sturdy boots that are perfect for the rainy weather. Also, wear gardening gloves since your plastic boxes and furniture may be more slippery than usual.
  • Use old sheets instead of using plastic drop sheets in order to prevent accidentally slipping on a wet floor.
  • Make sure you drive carefully if you are driving yourself to your new home.

Choose the right boxes

When cartons get wet, their structure becomes loose and soggy, making them incapable of protecting or holding their contents. Unless you would want your belongings falling out, you need to prepare for the rain by using plastic moving boxes instead. In addition to remaining rigid in the rain, these boxes are also waterproof. This guarantees that the contents of the box will remain dry and in place during the move.

Secure your home

Keeping your home protected at all times is another thing you need to remember. You wouldn't want your home full of wet furniture or cartons, so ensure that your floors are protected. As earlier stated, you can protect your hardwood floors using old towels or carpets. Another option is moving your items to one or two rooms near the entrance of your home. This limits the amount of water and leaves that get dragged along with the move.

The rain doesn't have to be a reason to cancel your big move. By following the above tips, you can go through with your move without any problems, especially if you have a busy schedule. Contact us today at Miracle Movers, and we will help you prepare for your move, no matter the weather.


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